Well amazingly its here: Shuffles is now 25 years old which, whilst my maths is ok, I am having trouble working out how it is I am still only 21 with a much lower mental age. Anyway to all pupils past and present thanks for being part of it. We have a variety of plans for this year including a trip to Poland our very own festival in partnership with Debbie Bellinger and lots of 'in studio' bits, such as old photos and show DVDs including Karen and I and yes the Mums and Dads silly teams, something different each week, turn up early or stay late and sit and watch.


If you missed the party then you missed Karen and I dancing together - totally unplanned the moment was right to celebrate our 25th birthday to be held.


To commemorate the occasion we  had shuffles '25' Joggers made, to complement the Hoodies that you have all loved 


A number of old pupils have returned in the past few months not only to have lessons themselves but also to bring offspring (now that's a whole new maths equation that I shall not be able to get)


You have now successfully found the website which is in such a good way thanks to the efforts of BJ. Spread the word, if you know of friend who hasn't visited us on-line yet, tell them all about it!