Start preparing now... it's normal to be nervous

Next sessions are planned for 28th June 2018 

NEXT SESSION planned for MAY 2019


Possibly the latest exam session ever but this did not stop you dancing your socks off....well shoes actually as one dancers shoe flew through the air. Yet another excellent set of results with one dancer getting 99%. For the first time ever some of the candidates even had selfies with the examiner. Now that is a sign of the times.


A pleasure to have a return visit from an examiner and thankfully he was very considerate of the weather. Without doubt the hottest exam session ever with temperature in excess of 30 degrees. Despite this another 100% pass rate and some candidates even getting as high as 98%. 


What a pleasure.  Our November exams brought an unknown examiner to us who was highly qualified and very experienced.

Understandably we as well as pupils where a little nervous.

We really do not think it would have been possible to have a nicer examiner. We did not get our highest ever marks but felt that we had a very honest set of reults with helpfull comments.  


 Oh wow another excellent session with everyone achieving Highly Commended and above, and this time both the examiner and staff fixed it so the last dance of the last test which just happened to be a high grade Quickstep was allowed to go on much longer than needed. Thanks for that !. And then just to confirm examiners are human our examiner put on a pair of Minion glasses and posed for us. A great session with a super friendly examiner who also commented on how refreshing to see good use of syllabus work in the Ballroom and Latin American sections.


Oh great at the last session and indeed the very last dance of the last exam, the examiner decided a marathon dance would be good. The dance went on and on and there I am thinking whats wrong ? . Afterwards the examiner commented I loved the choreography and you seemed to be enjoying it so much I didn't want to stop you .  Mental note made not to look like that again.


Another excellent exam session this time not only with every single candidate passing ( thus maintaining our 100% record ) but not one person dropped below HIGHLY COMMENDED and a massive 60% getting HONOURS. At one point the examiner commented " I did not want to stop that dance I could have watched it all night beautiful."

CONGRATULATIONS to all our candidates.

Well what can we say, a very good session with a first time ever event happening. One pupil was, shall we say a little nervous shaking like a leaf. The examiner stood up took his jacket off and danced with her !!!!! never in our past has this happened and we thank our examiner for this. We are pleased to maintain our 100 % pass rate and to announce that 94% of pupils got Highly Commended our above.We had some really good comments from our examiner about the overall standard of the school so it's a big well done to all of you.

From a students viewpoint. 
The following is a mail which arrived just a very short time after a pupil had survived the torture that we encourage and call exams.
Hi Royston and Karen,

I just wanted to write to say a huge thank you to you both for your constant support and encouragement.

E and A had a fantastic time, they really enjoyed themselves and this was most definitely down to your hard work and encouragement and I also think you had a good, friendly examiner who made them feel at ease.

I also wanted to say thank you from me! I was so nervous (as usual) but once again thanks to you guys I had a great time. Thanks Royston,  

I really enjoyed all of my dances, you really must teach me the wobbly head thing ;)

The examiner was very friendly and I quickly relaxed (I think this evening was  the first time I had ever felt able to speak freely with an examiner) so my thanks must also go to him as and when you have contact with him.

Thank you so, so much!!

(I'm still grinning like an idiot)