Beans have BEAN a part of Shuffles for a long time and there are many of them in the family - can you find yourself ?.

Bossy Bean Karen

Scruffy Bean Royston

Naughty Bean / Nice Bean  Nicola - but which one Phantom Bean Aimee

Bubble Bean Naomi

Busty Bean Thrust

Keen Bean A Dancer who gives 100%

Has Bean A very tired dancer

Mean Bean A street dancer with attitude

Smelly Bean A dancer normally found
in a Monday night class

In between Bean A dancer who stops during
their routine

Team Bean A dancer in Catchphrase, Reloaded  or Pulsation

Green Bean A new competitor

Baked Bean A very HOT dancer

Runner Bean A dancer who runs around the floor
with no other steps

Jumping Bean A dancer who jumps well

Jelly Bean A dancer who is slack

Blank Bean A dancer who forgets their routine

Flasher Bean A dancer who gets their bits
out during a performance

Briefcase Bean A dancer in a very bad mood!

Pits Bean A dancer in need of deoderant

Ooh-Aar Bean A country dancer

Can't Bean A dancer who thinks they are unable
to do a given step

Split Bean A dancer who splits their clothing

Gobby Bean A dancer who has trouble shutting up

Clench Bean A dancer who clenches at the same time

Scrunchy Bean A dancer who's hair is always falling down

String Bean A skinny bean T.T.

Bean A dancer who's **** **** out

  Bad Bean A dancer who will not do as they are told

Black Eyed Bean A dancer who STILL will not do as they're told

  Stick Bean A skinny dancer

Chilly Bean A dancer who ate a curry the night before

Kidney Bean A dancer who rushes to the loo a lot

Been Bean An ex-pupil

Baby Bean A young pupil

Pork & Bean An overweight dancer

Pulled Bean A dancer who did not warm up

Beano A good away comp

Fairy Beans Slow dancers

Beat Beans Freestylers

Broad Beans Adult female dancers

Sweet Beans Dancers who live on chocolate

Deco Bean A dancer with a tattoo

Eagle-Eyed Bean A judge

Web Bean ..BJ..

Nodding Bean A parent at a comp who thinks they are clapping but only NODS with the music

Bean Feast TUCK SHOP

Paper Bag Bean an asthmatic bean - sian

Clean Bean ...Kim bless her cleans all the crockery